Department of Civil Engineering

About Department

The largest and most versatile branch of engineering has been introduced in the institute in the year 2016. The department promises to produce finest of engineers with our team of committed and potent faculty members. The department is continuously and swiftly upgrading its infrastructure including laboratory and other facilities. Currently the department offers the degree of Bachelor of Engineering with a capacity of 60 students per batch. However the department aims in acquiring the programmes inpost graduate levels in near future and constantly striving for the same. The department has also started to offer consultancy services to organisations in solving various civil engineering problems.

Departmental mission & vision


To produce global engineers with superior technical skills andcompetency in the field of civil engineering with an outcome based education system and to promote high end research programmesfor a developed and sustainable society and nation.


  1. To provide quality teachingto students for in depth comprehension of fundamentals of civil engineering with conventional as well as with new teaching tools.
  2. To provide training and coaching programmes in relevant skill development courses to prepare the students for various competitive examinations as well as to thrive in the challenging workplace.
  3. To have constant communications and collaborations with elite educational institutes, industry and R & D organisations within and across the country for the timely upgradation of engineering and technology.
  4. To cultivate a friendly, supportive and competitive academic environment to extract the best contributions from students, faculty and staff members.
  5. To provide the quality research and consultancy services for industrial, societal and to the needs of all the stakeholders of the institute.