About Hostels

Hostel facilities are available within the campus for both boys and girls students. There is one Girls‘ Hostel and two Boy‘s Hostels. Different types of room sharing modes are available in the college hostel such as room can accommodate either one-two or three students. A bed, a table, a chair and a plug point is provided to each student. Round the clock running water supply in the bathrooms, toilets and electricity is provided to the students at the hostel. The mess facility is arranged and maintained by the students themselves with each hostels having their own cooking utensils, kitchen and dining space. Cleanliness and hygiene is maintained by the adequate number of supporting hostel staff. Both in-door games and out-door games are available for the students in the hostel for recreation of the students.

All the hostels are connected with WI-FI wireless network with 24 x 7 internet facility.

Boys' Hostel -I

Dr. Girindra Nath Kakati


110 nos.

Staff Members

  1. Mr. Biren Das
  2. Mr. Dimbeswar Patra
  3. Mr. Jaduram Patra
  4. Mr. Tarun Borpatra
  5. Mr. Babul Gogoi
  6. Mr. Durlov Gogoi

Boys' Hostel -II

Dr. Chandra Chutia


80 nos.

Padmashree Indira Miri (PIM) Girls' Hostel

Mr. Jameson Mushahary



160 nos.

Staff Members

  1. Sri. Jayanta Gogoi, Night Chowkidar
  2. Sri. Nakul Patra , Night Chowkidar
  3. Sri. Nakul Patra , Night Chowkidar
  4. Sri. Buden Gogoi, cook
  5. Sri Deepok Borah, Cook
  6. Sri Hemen Gogoi, cook
  7. Sri. Montu Dowarah cook
  8. Ms. Bulu Gogoi , Peon
  9. Ms. Rinu Gogoi, Matron
  10. Mrs. Rinku Gogoi, Day Chowkidar
  11. Mrs. Parismita Gogoi, Sweeper
  12. Mrs. Swapnaligogoi, Helper