Department of Power Electronics & Intrumentation Engineering

About Department

Welcome to the Power Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering department established since the very inception of the institute in 2009. The department presently offers undergraduate course in Power Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering with an intake of 60 students.  The syllabus cover the areas of Power Electronics, Instrumentation and Control system engineering and is updated with new Credit Based Assessment System following the guidelines of AICTE model syllabus. The department has well equipped laboratories in Instrumentation, Control system, Measurements, and Power Electronics devices to name a few. Above all the department boost of young, dynamic, and dedicated faculty and staff to serve the very cause.  The department continuously strives to produce technically proficient and socially committed engineering professionals to meet the need of North-Eastern region and the world. The students of the department do internship at different organizations like OIL, ONGC, NRL, BSNL, IITs, and different research labs. The alumni of the department are absorbed in different organizations like OIL, NRL, APDCL, APGCL, AEGCL, Wipro, TCS, Honeywell Technologies, and in different Telecom sectors while others are pursuing higher studies in NITs, IITs, and even in foreign universities.  


To become a centre of excellence in the field of power electronics and instrumentation engineering to meet the need of industry and society.


  1. To provide a platform for students to develop core competency and professional skills.
  2. Periodic update of the curriculum to bridge the theory-practice gap and to keep abreast with the recent technical developments.
  3. To provide an environment conducive for innovation, team work, and entrepreneurial leadership and to reshape the ethics and human values of budding engineers.
  4. To encourage faculty members to upgrade their knowledge through continuing education programs.