Department of Humanities


About Department

The Department of Humanities is a supporting department of JIST. The subjects of this department are - English, Economics, Sociology and Accountancy & Management.They are involved with all the Departments of the Institute. The very name Humanities suggests that it paves the way towards the study of society ,culture, communications and numerous other aspects of human life.It intends to give the students a broad cultural background and outlook , that is necessary to become aware and well informed citizen to enrich their personal and social life.

Departmental mission & vision


Department thrive to provide the future generation scope for better understanding of social,cultural,managerial,environmental and marketing scenario and present day challenges from the view point of global as well as regional level.And most importantly help them to be potential human resource with deep since of humanity.


Humanities department equipped with committed and competent faculty members with subjects English, Sociology, Accountancy, Management and Economics aspire to-

  1. Train students to learn English language appropriately to get themselves ready for professional life.
  2. Facilitate computer aided individualized and independent language learning to improve their competence.
  3. Aquaint students with the relevant fields of business,economics and management to make them future ready potential citizens to contribute in various professional fields.
  4. Bring awareness of the students about sociopolitical and cultural etiquettes to help them live an enriched personal as well as social life.