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About Hostels

Hostel facilities are available within the campus for both boys and girls students. There is one Girls‘ Hostel and two Boy‘s Hostels. Different types of room sharing modes are available in the college hostel such as room can accommodate either one-two or three students. A bed, a table, a chair and a plug point is provided to each student. Round the clock running water supply in the bathrooms, toilets and electricity is provided to the students at the hostel. The mess facility is arranged and maintained by the students themselves with each hostels having their own cooking utensils, kitchen and dining space. Cleanliness and hygiene is maintained by the adequate number of supporting hostel staff. Both in-door games and out-door games are available for the students in the hostel for recreation of the students.

All the hostels are connected with WI-FI wireless network with 24 x 7 internet facility.

1. Boys' Hostel -I

Superintendent: Mr Raju Kumar Phukan, Asstt. Professor, Mathematics Deptt.
Contact Number: 8638660675
Boarder Capacity: 105 nos.

Staff Member
Sl No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Dimbeswar Patra Cook (Permanent)
2 Mr. Lachit Dutta Assistant Cook (Temporary)
3 Mr. Joduram Patra Sweeper (Temporary)

2. New Boys' Hostel ( For New Entrant Students)

Superintendent: Mr. Pranjal Das, Asstt. Prof., ETC Department
Contact Number: 9435208804
Boarder Capacity: -

Staff Member
Sl No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Nabajyoti Nakte Grade-IV(Chowkidar)
2 Mr. Hemen Gogoi Cook (Temporary)
3 Mr. Dibobondhu Kurmi Cleaner

3. New Girls' Hostel ( For New Entrant Students)

Superintendent: Dr. Pranab Jyoti Barman, Asstt. Prof, Civil Deptt.
Contact Number:9101564052
Boarder Capacity: -

Staff Member
Sl No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Jiten Bora Grade-IV(Sweeper) (Permenant)
2 Mr. Bikash Gogoi Cook (Temporary)
3 Mr. Niranjan Gogoi Cook (Temporary)
4 Mr. Munin Gogoi Cook (Temporary)

4. Padmashree Indira Miri (PIM) Girls' Hostel

Superintendent: Mr. Jameson Mushahary, HoD, CS&IT Deptt.
Contact Number:9954166745
Boarder Capacity: 160 nos.

Staff Member
Sl No. Name Designation Contact No.
1 Mr. Buden Gogoi Cook (Temporary) 60032-08902
2 Mr. Dipak Borah Cook (Temporary) 88119-20533
3 Mr. Montu Dowarah Cook (Temporary) 96787-02498
4 Mr. Sonajit Gogoi Night Chowkidar (Temporary) 94017-38849
5 Mr. Hironya Gogoi Night Chowkidar (Temporary) -
6 Mr. Ananta Gogoi Night Chowkidar (Temporary) 6001-71131
7 Ms Bulu Gogoi Day Chowkidar, Girls' Hostel 99544-03257
8 Ms Rinu Gogoi Sweeper (Temporary) 76360-72037
9 Ms.Bina Gogoi Sweeper (Temporary) 88128-71048
10 Ms. Swapnali Gogoi Dinning Hall Cleaner (Temporary) 60021-55345

Hostel Rules & Regulations

(A) Boys’ Hostel

The JIST hostels follows the following rules and regulations and all boarders are bind with it.

  1. Ragging in any form physical or mental is not allowed. Rustication from hostel with a fine of Rs. 2000/- and may be communicated to the police for legal action.
  2. Consumption of any alcoholic substances/drugs/prohibited items are not allowed. Rustication from hostel with a fine mas up to Rs. 2000/-.
  3. Keeping offensive/prohibited items in possession/room are not allowed Rustication from hostel or a fine up to Rs. 2000/ or both.
  4. No boarder can use juniors for his/their personal works Fine up to Rs. 1000/-.
  5. Entry of female into rooms are not allowed (Except with parents/guardians). Fine up to Rs. 1000/- and intimation to parents.
  6. Use of induction cooktop for cooking etc are not allowed. Fine up to Rs. 1000/- and induction cooktop etc. will be seized.
  7. Damaging/destroying hostel properties intentionally are not allowed. Two to three times cost of the property will be realized from the offender.
  8. Have to keep his room as well as hostel campus neat and clean. Fine up to Rs. 1000/-.
  9. Spitting and writing in hostel walls etc are not allowed. Fine up to Rs. 1000/-.
  10. Have to be well-behaved and good mannered to all boarders and staff. Intimation to parents or fine of Rs. 500/-.
  11. Using offensive/in-appropriate words/abusive words are not allowed. Intimation to parents and a suspension from hostel for a period of one week.
  12. Hosting non-boarders (including Ex-boarders) in room without proper permission. Fine of Rs. 200/- per night from the boarders of the room.
  13. Staying outside campus after 7 pm are not allowed (Except valid reason with permission).
  14. Intimation to parents or a fine of Rs. 500/- if repeated may be rusticated from hostel.
  15. Have to inform/take permission for leaving hostel (Except vacation/breaks). Intimation toparents.
  16. Have to switch off fan’s lights etc when out of rooms. Fine of Rs. 100/-, if repeated Rs.200/- and so on.
  17. Have to flush water in toilets and urinals after using it. Fine of Rs. 100/-, if repeated Rs.200/- and so on.
  18. Involvement in any type of activities which may defame hostel as well as institutes are not allowed. Rustication from hostel or a fine up to Rs. 2000/- or both.
  19. Have to strictly maintain study time (6.30am - 8am, 7pm to 8.30pm and 9.30 pm -11.30pm). Intimation to parents or Fine of Rs. 100/-, if repeated Rs. 200/- and so on.
  20. No discrimination can be made among boarders against religion, caste, department etc. Unity must be maintained among boarders.

(B) Girls’ Hostel

The JIST hostels follows the following rules and regulations and all boarders are bind with it.

  1. Mess dues is to be deposited on or before 10th of each month. Late fine @ Rs. 5/- per day will be charged for late payment. In the event of holidays/vacation/semester break/exam over/emergency cases the following rules will be applicable -
    • Dues @Rs 100/- per day will have to be paid up to 4 days.
    • Boarders staying more than 4 days, but less than 10 days will pay half the amount of full month dues.
    • Boarders staying more than 10 days will pay full month dues.
    • Full mess dues will be charged if no prior permission is taken.
  2. Mess dues for each month will be fixed by Hostel Superintendent, Mess Committee, Monitor, Mess Secretary, Store Keeper, Marketing Manager and Auditor will be member of this Committee.
  3. Meal will be served in dining hall only. Timing for different meals are: Morning Tea :- 6:00 A.M.
    Breakfast : -8:30 A.M.
    Lunch :- 1:00 P.M. to 2:30 P.M.
    Evening Tea : - 6:00 P.M.
    Dinner :- 8:00 PM to 9:00 P.M.
  4. Boarders will come by self in the dining hall with their own utensils to have their meals except on medical ground.
  5. Boarders should be in their formal dress only in the dining hall/visitors’ room.
  6. Guest will be allowed to stay in hostel Guest room in emergency on payment of seat rent @ Rs. 200/- Per day (including meals of the day) after getting prior permission from the superintendent.
  7. Boarder will have to take permission in the record book from Superintendent before leaving the hostel.
  8. Proper hygienic conditions are to be maintained. Rooms are to be maintained clean and tidy.
  9. Boarders are to return to hostel before reporting time. (To be specified from time to time) Monitor will note attendance at evening tea time.
  10. Boarders will meet visitors in visiting room during visiting hours only. Visitors and boarders will have to sign visiting register. No, male persons are allowed in the boarder’s room. If found, boarder will be penalized.
  11. Belongings/luggage in the room are in the custody of the allotted boarders. Repairing charge of any damaged hostel items will be charged from them.
  12. Use of Electrical inductions/heaters are not allowed. They should not temper with the electrical fittings. If any alteration is needed, then it has to be done by the electrician of the college only. Light and fan are to be switched off when not in use.
  13. Boarders must be in their allotted room. Loitering in campus during study hours is strictly prohibited.
  14. Except on medical ground, boarders must not be found in hostel during college hours. Non collegiate/dis-collegiate students will forfeited their hostel seat.
  15. Boarders will forfeit their hostel seat if they fail in University examination.
  16. Boarders are not to disturb other students in anyway. Any type of ragging is strictly prohibited. Any body found indulging in such acts will face expulsion from the hostel/campus. This may lead to legal action, if necessary.
  17. Any kind of banned items/substances including alcohol/drug, gambling and self-cooking are strictly prohibited. Anyone found indulging in such substances will be expelled immediately from the hostel. No boarders should interfere with cooks in cooking.
  18. Any boarder, if found unauthorised absent at nights in the hostel will be expelled from the hostel if acceptable/justifiable explanation is cannot be given by such boarder.
  19. A boarder who is the cause of nuisance or the subject of trouble in the hostel will be fined and warned (with a copy of the notice to the guardian) for the first time and expelled in subsequent involvement with such activities.
  20. Any problem related to boarders are to be discussed in no places other than dining hall/common room.
  21. Any grievances of boarders are to be brought to the notice of the Superintended personally or through monitor/matron.
  22. A boarder has to vacate her hostel seat just after the final semester examination.
  23. Boarders will meet Superintended during office hours in office. Working hours are: 8:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. week day